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The team at DNSnetworks comprises Ottawa’s top cybersecurity experts, IT specialists, developers and creatives. We are here to help with your IT security needs and make sure best practices for your business protect you. All our team members have years of experience working in the industry that they apply to each job we do for you.

Shawn Ebbs - CEO

Shawn Ebbs


Shawn Ebbs, CEO of DNSnetworks, is a Senior Solutions Architect, a Multi-certified expert in enterprise technologies and supporting $5m - $200m+ systems. He has in-depth knowledge in VMware, Redhat, Juniper, 3PAR, cybersecurity intelligence and overall technology solution architecture. Shawn is responsible for managing the network and cloud operationdesk, advising on service delivery project deployments, and providing final approval on all significant changes to customer sites. His background includes experience in Tier 1 level data center operations at Bell Canada and the senior network analyst at PlantCML, an EADS North American company, a leader in mission-critical communications.

Kevin Conroy - Senior Corporate Security Officer

Kevin Conroy

VP/Senior Corporate Security Officer

Kevin Conroy is our Senior Corporate Security officer and vice president who is a multi-certified expert in security compliance, standards, and corporate policies. He has in-depth experience in Microsoft enterprise systems government and military-grade data security. Kevin is responsible for consolidating and managing the most major Canadian telecom data centers project for Bell Canada’s Corporate Security Division.


Emily Patterson-HR MANAGER

Emily Patterson

Julie Labadie-Manager IT Service Desk

Julie Labadie

Manager IT Service Desk
Kelly Moss-Donaldson-Manager Pro Services

Kelly Moss-Donaldson

Manager Pro Services
Kyvan Emami-TEAM LEAD Managed SERVICES

Kyvan Emami


Stefan Wint


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